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Positive Progressivism

I’ve been getting many interesting and conflicting comments from my base. Some say I am too partisan, others say not partisan enough. Others say too liberal, or not liberal enough. Etc, etc.

I welcome them all, they keep me on my toes and show that people are thinking about what I’m saying. Keep them coming folks, I love your feelings and opinions! But it also reminds me of a truism that I have observed in my lifetime of progressivism, that sometimes progressives have been accused of “eating their own”. In these troubled times in which extreme right wing groups storm the white house in an attempt to overturn a presidential election, perhaps we should be looking at the bigger picture. Our democracy is at risk right now.

The major factor at work in the unrest felt by Democrats and Republicans alike is the corruption and stagnation caused by the big money corporations that have usurped our government. Perhaps we could direct more of our negative energy in their direction, rather than wasting it on ourselves. We can choose to ignore the rhetoric and divisiveness that only serve to distract us from our purpose. We can unite and concentrate on issues we can change together, common ground issues like affordable health care, affordable housing, wildfires, and, last but not least, campaign finance reform. Time is short and our energy is too precious to waste!

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