I am one of the foremost champions for campaign finance reform (CFR) in Oregon. I made CFR a core issue in the 2018 Gubernatorial Election and later lobbied the Oregon Legislature to refer a constitutional amendment to the ballot. The amendment,  which went on to pass with a 78% yes vote, opened the door for the Oregon legislature to create campaign finance limits. I have the expertise, relationships, and dedication it takes to put an end to unlimited money in our elections.

As a small business owner, former school board member, and director of the Soil and Water Conservation District, I carry a deep understanding of the issues everyday Oregonians face. Through my wife’s recent battle with cancer, I personally understand that we must achieve Universal healthcare to ensure a better quality of care and copay/deductible-free quality health insurance for all Oregonians. I also understand that all Oregonians should be able to retire with dignity with a real pension and I have concrete ideas on how to end the housing crisis in our state.