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Patrick Starnes announces run for Oregon’s governor

PORTLAND, Ore. — Almost three years ago, Patrick Starnes announced that he was suspending his campaign for Oregon’s governor on Your Voice Your Vote and was throwing his support behind Governor Kate Brown. Today he joins the program again to make another announcement.

He’s running again.

What is refueling his run this time? Starnes speaks to KATU News in a one-on-one interview about his run for office, and what has, or hasn’t, changed since the last time he ran.

As governor, Starnes says he feels he can be a bipartisan advocate and “get things passed from both parties.”

“We really need leadership outside of Salem,” he said, pointing to the fact that he lives in rural Oregon. “We need everyone at the table, we need all hands on deck.”

In his last campaign, Starnes ran as an Independent. This time around, he’s running as a Democrat. The politician speaks on the party change.

Starnes is asked to evaluate how the governor has handled the coronavirus pandemic so far, and if he agreed with Brown’s response, namely mask and vaccine mandates. He also discusses the state’s wildfire season, and one thing that he still remains passionate about: campaign finance reform.

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